Alabama Casinos 2024

As one of the first states in the south to legalize gambling, Alabama is able to host a number of casinos as a result.

The state also hosts AL horse racing (both track and online) as well as AL daily fantasy sports, to accompany the Alabama Casinos.

However, Alabama sports betting doesn’t seem to be on any legislators’ agenda and remains not permitted.

Alabama Online Casino Rule

Online casinos are banned in Alabama. The state has banned online for some time now and it’s not really been spoken about it becoming legalized any time soon.

Given that Alabama is a highly religious state, it means that any gambling laws that get passed are usually pretty close calls. There are many that don’t want to see any kind of gambling, but there are some – mainly younger generations – that are more openminded.

To put this into some context, they are one of just 6 states that don’t have a state lottery.

The main problem they have is the dislike for games of chance over games of skill. This is why there is a little more leeway with sports, especially horse racing, given that you can apply the skill to find a winner. Casino games are merely just a chance for the most part at least.

It’s widely regarded for any expansion to the current set up of gambling within Alabama, that the lottery would need to be the first to be accepted. Only then could the likes of Alabama casinos get some sort of bill passed to allow online casinos within their state.

Retail Casinos in Alabama

There are three casinos that are in operation right now in Alabama. These include:

The three casinos are all run by the only federally recognized tribe in the state, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. There are actually 8 tribes in all but given that there is no sovereignty to the state, it means their laws aren’t applied to them.

All three casinos are some of the best in the country and have had huge investments made to each of late. The site at Wetumpka is the flagship for the tribe and it’s here where they have the biggest selection of casino games, with its picturesque location just north of Blue Ridge.

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