Best Casino Drinks and Cocktails

Cocktails and alcoholic drinks are an essential part of the casino experience.

In no particular order, see our favorite drinks to order at a casino:

The Strawberry Daquiri

When Micheal Mizrachi played poker for 75 hour straight, he drank Daiquiris because the sugar kept him up.

These sweet blend of strawberries and ice is a staple cocktail for any casino goer. You can enjoy it on the floor or by the pool of your Vegas hotel.

Strawberry Daquiri

Whisky on the Rocks

This drink is for the old school gamblers who don’t need a mixer to make their whisky go down.

Make sure you choose a very fine whisky and add a healthy dose of ice cubes.

It is usually drunk slowly and pensively at 2 am after having lost $200 at blackjack.



There is no context in which a Mojito is not appropriate and the casino is no exception.

This Cuban treat works wonders on the casino floor.

It is a tasty recipe to master.


The Old Fashioned

This zesty bourbon drink is for those bitter sweet moments on the floor.

You certainly need an old fashioned in your hand whenever you attend a poker party.

Getting the orange peel just right is essential…

Old Fashioned

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Nothing like a cold one when you are kicking back by the slot machines.

It is always the cheapest drink on the menu and will never go out of fashion.

If you are not in the mood for fussy cocktails, this is always a safe bet.


Porn Star Martini

James Bond famously ordered a vodka martini in Casino Royale.

This passion fruit version with a splash of champagne adds extra class to a classic.

This casino cocktail is a good way to celebrate if you win.

Porn Star Martini

JD and Coke

This southern whisky was made to be mixed with America’s favorite soda.

This magic mixer existed long before casino menus were filled with exotic cocktails.

It has been stocked in casino bars for years.

JD and coke

Vodka and Redbull

This simple classic will keep you from falling off your chair in the late casino hours.

Favorite of casino veterans and college students alike.

Vodka Redbull

Whisky in the Jar

This sweetened whisky cocktail is exclusive to the MGM Grand in Vegas.

Their original mix is fresh and fruity.

Whisky in the jar


H20 is a refreshing natural concoction to take the edge off any cocktails or mixers that  you might consume at the casino.

Drink plenty to stay hydrated and head-ache free…

Gambling can be hard on the system and water is the perfect beverage to keep you fresh


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