Free Spreadsheet for Horse Racing Betting

In the excitement of a day at the races it’s very easy to lose track of your online horse betting, meaning you won’t know whether you finished with a profit or a loss. With the horse racing bet tracker, you can revolutionize the way you track your wagers.

This guide will tell you the ins and outs of how to use the horse race tracker excel template.

Horse Racing Bets Tracker

Why should you use a horse racing bet tracker?

The horse racing bet tracker is a useful way to manage your bets and chart your successes and failures. By using the tracker, users can generate an overview of their betting history to lead them to make smarter bets.

The horse racing bet tracker is especially effective for players with multiple accounts. This way, you can follow all your actions, and avoid having to do tricky maths at the same time.

The in-built formulas automatically calculate:

  • Money available in each of your accounts
  • Total earnings
  • Total losses
  • The most profitable bet types
  • Your potential earnings

The Excel document for the horse racing bet tracker is free to download and use, via the link above. It opens with the Microsoft Office Excel software (Mac or PC version).

How to use the horse racing bet tracker


The settings are the most important part of the horse racing bet tracker. It compiles a list of all the horse racing betting operators you use such as TVG, Betamerica or Amwager, as well as the types of horse races you wager on, and of course the actual bets you make.

You can easily adapt the bonus betting spreadsheet to fit your personal specifications, and can also add other sports if you want to diversify from just horse betting.

This Excel file is made of 6 layers. To move between the sheets, click on the bottom tab of the table.

The green tabs are used to enter your data. The blues ones are for you to generate information and statistics.

You can enter the data of your choice. However, be careful to respect the data format of each box. To find out what’s what, check out the existing examples already present. These examples are here to show you how to enter a bet or designate it as a winner. You will need to remove the existing results so that your subsequent results are fair.

Note: this betting management file is unprotected. You can enter your data freely. In case of problems, click “Review” and then “Remove the sheet from the protection.”

We advised you not to deleting a column or a tab as this may alter the formulas and results.

Remember to enter the maximum amount of information and take care while doing it: it will help you calculate your winnings!

  • Your bookmakers
  • Sports you bet on
  • Types of bets, placed or future (optional).


Via the betting tab, users can keep track of any open bets, as well as the option to cash out on existing bets that might not go their way.

horse bet racing tracker bet grab

The horse racing bet tracker functions best when you log every wager that you make, from next 3 coupons to each way winners bets.

Aside from the data it generates, the other key benefit of the bonus betting spreadsheet is that users can easily identify which type of bet is the most useful for them, and allows players to easily see which ongoing bets they have currently.

For example:

  • Race / Win
  • Race / Pick 3
  • Race / Trifecta
  • etc.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Keeping a close eye on your deposits and withdrawals gives you a clear indication of whether you’re in the black, or in the red, and is a huge advantage of the bonus betting spreadsheet.

During big events, like the Grand National or the Kentucky Derby, it’s easy to get swept up in the action and lose track of how much you have spent in total.

This tab on the sports betting excel spreadsheet prevents miscalculations, overspending, and of course, allows you to see just how much cash you’ve won.

For a deposit, enter the amount normally (e.g 100). To withdraw, add the minus sign before the amount (eg -100).

Withdrawals will automatically appear in red.

deposits and withdrawals horse race bet tracker screengrab

Available Funds

Use this section to keep a track on your credit levels with every betting website on your roster.

Most gamblers like to keep accounts open on several, if not dozens of betting sites, which gives you the advantage of making the most of individual promotions.

The downside is it can be hard to keep track of your balances.

By keeping the horse race bet tracker excel template up to date you won’t have to worry about making quick deposits if you suddenly want to place an in-play bet.

In the Excel, you’ll find the balance of your player account, for each bookmaker.

The amounts are calculated automatically, according to the data entered in “Deposits and withdrawals” and “Bets”. The list of bookmakers comes from the “Settings” page.

Note: Bonus bets and bonuses are accounted for as available funds.

Performance Summary

Here you can view your performance by bet type and/or sport.

overall performance horse race bet tracker screenshot

In this tab, you’ll be able to see:

  • Which races did you make the best predictions
  • Which type of bet earns you the most money
  • What races you’re weaker at
  • If you are more successful at pre-race or in-play betting
  • If you are making profits

Download the horse betting excel template

Press the red button at the top of this page to access your personal copy of the horse racing bet tracker.

It will open in a view-only mode at first, so make sure you save the sports betting excel template file to your personal computer.

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