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Is BetAmerica Legal In Your State?

BetAmerica is currently in the process of rebranding. To find out more, please read about TwinSpires Welcome Offers.

BetAmerica is an American operator focusing on horse racing (and sports betting and online casinos if you’re in NJ). But different states have different laws. Check to see if BetAmerica is legal and playable from your state.

These states permit people above the legal gambling age, 21+ in most places but 18+ in some, to engage in online horse race betting with BetAmerica.

BetAmerica Wagering and Contests
New Hampshire
New Mexico
Rhode Island
South Dakota
West Virginia

BetAmerica wagering is ok in this list, but contests are not playable if you find yourself in one of these states:

BetAmerica Wagering Only
New York
North Dakota

BetAmerica contests are legal in these locations but BetAmerica real-money wagering is illegal if you live in one of these states.

BetAmerica Contests Only
New Jersey
North Carolina
South Carolina
Washington DC

Not Playable Locations


Unfortunately, BetAmerica is not playable at all if you find yourself here.

No BetAmerica Wagering or Contests
Puerto Rico

What is BetAmerica?

BetAmerica is a horse racing and greyhound. With the operator, you can watch every horse and greyhound race live via your desktop browser, mobile app or tablet. They have a wide range of deposit options and fast and easy payouts.

Their fantasy sports section is great for beginners, as it’s easy to use and less complicated than traditional daily fantasy sports. You can choose to play with NFL, NBA, and MLB, but more daily fantasy sports are going to be added to the website. You can watch live scoring of every contest with the operator, allowing you to play increasing the fun of daily fantasy sports.

Where is BetAmerica Legal to use?

You can check out BetAmerica’s legal status within the terms and conditions found on their website. This is however restricted to the USA, but that does not imply that the operator is not legal elsewhere, as it is about whether or not horse racing is considered to be betting. This is in addition to if betting is considered to be a legal or illegal activity.

Here’s a full list of the countries where BetAmerica is legal, continent by continent.




North America

Oceania South America
Algeria Armenia Belgium Canada Australia Argentina
Botswana Bangladesh Czech Republic Mexico New Zealand Brazil
Cameroon Cambodia Finland Alabama (USA) French Polynesia Chile
Egypt China France Arkansas (USA)   Colombia
Equatorial Guinea Georgia Germany California (USA)   Ecuador
Gabon Hong Kong Greece Colorado (USA)   Paraguay
Ghana India Hungary Connecticut (USA)   Peru
Kenya Iran Ireland Delaware (USA)   Uruguay
Mauritius Iraq Italy Florida (USA)   Venezuela
Morocco Israel Malta Idaho (USA)   Aruba
Mozambique Japan Netherlands Indiana (USA)   Guyana
Rwanda Malaysia Norway Iowa (USA)    
Senegal Mongolia Poland Kansas (USA)    
Sierra Leone Singapore Sweden Kentucky (USA)    
South Africa South Korea Turkey Louisiana (USA)    
Tunisia Pakistan United Kingdom Maine (USA)    
Zimbabwe Philippines   Massachusetts (USA)    
 Namibia Thailand   Michigan (USA)    
  Lebanon   Minnesota (USA)    
  Myanmar   Montana (USA)    
  Nepal   New Hampshire (USA)    
  United Arab Emirates   New Mexico (USA)    
      New York (USA)    
      North Dakota (USA)    
      Ohio (USA)    
      Oklahoma (USA)    
      Oregon (USA)    
      Pennsylvania (USA)    
      Rhode Island (USA)    
      South Dakota (USA)    
      Tennessee (USA)    
      Vermont (USA)    
      West Virginia (USA)    
      Wisconsin (USA)    
      Wyoming (USA)    

Explaining the Grey Area of Online Gambling

In many countries online gambling is legal to a certain extent, meaning that there is a grey area in the law. We have not mentioned certain countries as they fall in this grey area where it’s neither legal or illegal. Horse racing isn’t explicitly described as gambling in many countries, which is why it’s one of the most accepted forms of betting from a global perspective.

If your country is not included we suggest that you contact the provider or the agency responsible for gambling in your country in order to check whether or not BetAmerica is a betting option for you. Remember that the website might not be blocked in your country, but that does not explicitly imply that it is a legal form of betting.

In some countries regulation on betting allows foreign operators but not local operators, or does not explicitly forbid foreign operators, leaving a gap in the regulatory system.

Where is BetAmerica Banned to use?

The BetAmerica website only explicitly mentions a few states in the US in which you cannot bet. The information below is based on individual regulations surrounding the legality of betting, and whether or not the definition of betting includes horse racing. Moreover, if horse racing is legal, greyhound racing is also considered to be allowed as they fall under the same umbrella called racing.

Africa Asia Europe North America Oceania South America
 Eritrea  Afghanistan Russia Alaska (USA)  Guam  Suriname
Democratic Republic of Congo  Brunei  Ukraine Arizona (USA)    
   Kazakhstan   Georgia (USA)    
   Kuwait   Hawaii (USA)    
   Kyrgyzstan   Illinois (USA)    
   Mongolia   Mississippi (USA)    
  Oman   Missouri (USA)    
  Vietnam    Nebraska (USA)    
  Pakistan   Nevada (USA)    
   Qatar   New Jersey (USA)    
  Sri Lanka   North Carolina (USA)    
   Taiwan   Puerto Rico (USA)    
      South Carolina (USA)    
      Texas (USA)    
       US Virgin Islands (USA)    
        Utah (USA)    
       Virginia (USA)    
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