Online Casinos in Delaware 2024

Delaware was the first US state to legalize both online poker and casino games and the second to see poker go legally live online.

Sports betting and online horse racing in DE are also now established. There are many good sites for people within the First State to choose from.

Online Casinos in Delaware

If you’re of legal gambling age and you find yourself in the state of Delaware for whatever reason, you can easily and legally download these Delaware Online Casinos to your smartphone or play them from your favorite browser.

These apps will use location services on your phone or other devices to make sure that you’re physically within the state of DE to play, but don’t worry–they’re totally secure and licensed Delaware lottery games.

Online Casinos in Delaware

The Best Casinos in Delaware

Delaware Online Casinos are both a great way to get online with great promotions and bonuses, and also a bit disappointing in terms of graphics and functionality.

We’d like to see a move away from the Flash plugin and a move towards more modern modes of game design. Delaware online casinos could take their cues from states like PA or NJ, for example.

This isn’t to say that the games are not worth playing, quite the contrary. These Delaware online casinos show a lot of promise and give a lot of bonuses to their players; we’re just hoping that aesthetics improve.

We expect Delaware online casinos to soon start taking cues from other states and offering more modern design and better customer service features like a 24/7 live chat option. Here’s a rundown on the best Delaware casino apps that we’re watching:

As is the case in other US states yet to legalise online gambling, there are several offshore operators that accept US players and will continue to be accessible to users from Delaware. However, in the wake of the new law it’s hoped that players will seek the legal state option rather than taking risks elsewhere on unregulated sites.

The law states that online gambling platforms are only legal so long as they are associated with one of the state’s three existing real casinos:

Dover Downs Casino

Arguably Delaware’s most famous casino is offering a no-download online casino platform and a downloadable poker client for state residents.

Users can enjoy a variety of games from blackjack and roulette to poker and video slots. However, the platform is not yet available on mobile devices.

Delaware Park Casino

The casino’s online platform, hosted by 888 Holdings, offers players the chance to bet in Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha High/Low and Seven Card Stud poker games as well as slots and casino games.

The operator offers first-time users several promotions, including casino and poker welcome rewards and daily bonuses.

Harrington Casino

The Harrington Raceway and Casino has launched its online gambling platform, Harrington Gaming Online.

Residents can play for real money on an instant play casino or download the poker platform.
Harrington Gaming is also available on mobile apps.

DoubleDown Casino

While the state-run online casino site is still being built, a free, legal online casino gaming platform called Double Down Casino has been launched through Facebook by slot machine company IGT.

Free games offered on the site are available to users all over the world, but real-money games will only be legal for those residing in Delaware.

How to get Delaware Online Casinos On Your Device

PC and Mac Users

It’s pretty straightforward to get on the Delaware Online Casino of your choice and start playing for real money today, just get on your computer and navigate to the website of your favorite online casino!

These computer apps are pretty easy on your graphics processors, so it’s unlikely that your computer will be unable to play these great online slots. However, to be sure, it’s best to have the most recent version of your operating system (Windows or Mac) and about 1GB of free space on your drive.

You’ll need to enable location services for that particular website because Delaware Online Casinos have to verify that you live within state limits and are 21+ in order to play.

Then, it’s a no-brainer: just download the app, sign up and get your deposit bonuses and rewards programs all linked up and squared away for the best bang for your buck!

iOS Users

If you’re looking to download these apps to your iOS device and start playing, the process is simple. Just search for your favorite Delaware online casino on the App Store, make sure your phone or device is up-to-date and has enough space, install, and enjoy! Location services need to be enabled in order for the app to work.

Android Users

We’re still hoping that Google Play changes its terms and conditions, allowing for Delaware online casinos to put their real-money gaming apps up for download.

That’s not yet the case, so Delaware online casinos are offering the APK downloads for the Android versions of their online casinos on their website.

You’ll have to download and install the APK yourself, but it’s not that difficult of a process.

Just navigate to the website of your favorite Delaware online casino on your Android device and look for the “Download for Android” button. Your device will save an APK file that you’ll need to install.

Your device will ask if it’s okay to “Allow Installations from Unknown Sources”–go ahead and check that box. These apps are secure, licensed by the Delaware Lottery.

Don’t forget to get yourself on the rewards programs offered by your favorite online casino, and snag all the deposit bonuses and welcome offers that are made available to you.

deposit bonuses and welcome offers

Customer Service with Delaware Online Casinos

The Delaware Lottery has quite a few laws and regulations in place, so, unfortunately, Delaware doesn’t have all the payment options and customer service options that we’d like to see in a fully-developed online lottery like PA Lottery or Oregon Lottery.

You will be able to make deposits and withdrawals through the following methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • ACH
  • Neteller
  • PayNearMe (at certain 7-Eleven locations)
  • GreenDot MoneyPak

If you do win, you’re going to have to meet certain withdrawal requirements in order to take out those funds. Don’t worry, the process is made straightforward and painless by customer service. We’ve taken all three of these Delaware online casinos for a test drive and found that all of them had similarly helpful and prompt customer service.

There are a few things that we’d like to see improve with customer service in Delaware online casinos: we’re hoping for 24/7 Live Chat options in the future, but that shouldn’t be too far down the road.

Also, we’d like to see a few more payment options in future: implementing PayPal support is probably tricky, according to Delaware state law, but it would be a huge advantage for players looking to put their hard-earned money into an online casino account.

We’re hoping that the community puts a bit of gentle, guiding pressure on these Delaware online casinos to move things in the right direction!

Our Final Thoughts on Delaware Online Casinos

We admit, there were a few design and customer service flaws that we hope to see improved in the near future with Delaware Online Casinos. We’d like to see a move away from less modern design techniques and tools like Flash, and a move towards more modern graphics using style sheets, HTML5, Unity, and more. Hopefully, Delaware Online Casinos take a page from the playbooks of other states’ online casinos in the future.

However, with decent payouts and good bonuses, we expect Delaware to become a strong force in the online casino market. You can expect to double your deposits and get some starting funds to play with in addition to a whole host of rewards programs, fun game types, daily promotions, and more.

Again, don’t forget to sign up for deposit bonuses and welcome offers, and check back with us for new developments on the best in Delaware online casinos!

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