Nevada Online Horse Betting 21st September 2024

Nevada has always been a frontrunner when it comes to the legal betting industry. However, plenty of new states are now throwing their hats into the ring. So, many are asking, will Nevada keep its stronghold on the legal gambling world?

Also, how does horse racing in Nevada factor into things? Is that going to keep up with the times? Here is a guide to teach you all about horse racing in Nevada both at physical locations and online.

Nevada Horse Racing Betting Sites

  • Atlantis Sports App by Atlantis Casino
  • (Boyd Gaming)
  • (Caesars)
  • CG Technology (CG Technology)
  • Golden Nugget (Golden Nugget)
  • (MGM)
  • Nevada Race Books (South Point)
  • STN Sports (Stations Casinos)
  • TI Sports (Treasure Island)
  • Westgate Superbook App (Westgate)
  • William Hill Nevada

Horse Racing in Nevada and the Betting Industry

So, how you would bet on horse racing in Nevada?

As we discuss below, Nevada has had legal horse race betting for off-track as well as live horse racing from 1949. Therefore, residents and tourists have had the ability to visit physical sportsbook locations to place wagers for horse racing in Nevada for many years. But Nevada has different rules for betting at actual casinos and sportsbooks than it does for betting on those same things online.

The lawmakers in 1949 could not have known a complicated world of online betting was on the horizon.

Nevada has of right now only 2 land-based horse racing and greyhound race tracks. There are not a lot of races held in them currently. But, Nevada does have a live stream option that is around the clock and year-round for its residents.

Horse racing in Nevada, as well as a simulcast of different horse races located elsewhere, can be bet on if you go to a physical sportsbook in the state. Residents in the state are able to bet on horse racing in Nevada and internationally using this option. Almost all Las Vegas sportsbooks have live horse race betting and greyhound race betting.

Horse Racing in Nevada Bets Online

Some websites have shown that they are ahead of the curve when it comes to legal and safe horse racing in Nevada betting online. These already operational websites can be found running in some other states that already have horse race betting legally online.

If you want to bet on horse racing in Nevada online, check out these websites.

William Hill

Sports betting fans likely already know about William Hill. However, did you know they also offer horse racing betting? William Hill is one of the top sportsbooks in the world and their Nevada racebook is one of the only online horse betting options in the state.

The site has the latest greyhound race and horse racing news, which includes keeping track of events in the fields. Also, the William Hill welcome bonus gives you a $50 deposit bonus. Just sign up and make your first deposit up to $50 to get it matched.

You can find odds for horses as well as greyhounds in your chosen race events, making it easier to choose the one you want to bet on as well as the amount of your bet.

In addition, the William Hill Race & Sportsbook app is great! Bet from anywhere in Nevada after signing up in person at any of their locations.  Plus, the app is available for iOS and Android.

Golden Nugget

Famous for its casinos, Golden Nugget also offers a race and sportsbook for Nevada horse racing betting. Bet on horse- and greyhound races from across the country and internationally. The odds for the horses are shown prominently so you can choose your steed wisely. This makes it very simple to get into horse racing in Nevada.

Different sections for famous horse races are also prominently displayed so you won’t miss out on betting on the bigger races. Also, find out who won different events in real-time.

With in-game wagering on certain events, players who join the 24k Select Club can then bet from anywhere in Nevada. Like William Hill, just sign up in person at the Golden Nugget Casino and then bet on horses right in the app. Likewise, download the Golden Nugget Sportsbook app for iOS and Android.

It may seem strange to wonder if Nevada has legal gambling. However, this question is much more nuanced than you would think. Nevada tends to be most closely associated with Las Vegas. And, as most of us know, Las Vegas is one of the world’s foremost destinations for legalized gambling as well as wagering.

However, since the US Supreme Court ruled last year that states are able to legalize gambling of some types as well as Nevada online sports betting, many states have jumped on the legalized gambling bandwagon. This means that the legislation around legalized betting has changed in quite a few states, with more to come.

Nevada still houses the biggest selection of slot machines as well as classic table games and also sports betting in the United States. This is where Nevada gets most of its revenue from taxes, from the gambling industry it has legalized.

Legal Betting History in Nevada

Sports betting has been legalized in Nevada since 1949. Live and off-track horse racing in Nevada also falls under this umbrella. But Congress dealt the legal gambling and sports betting industry a blow in 1992 when it passed PAPSA, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. This effectively put half to the idea of expanding the sports betting industry.

However, Nevada had an already operational legal betting industry. So, Nevada was able to keep this industry alive. This basically gave Nevada a monopoly of the legal betting industry in the United States.

That said, you really were only able to go to a brick-and-mortar building with an operational sportsbook to place a wager. Horse racing in Nevada was also a legal option for those wanting to place wagers. Could Nevada maintain this monopoly for long?

PAPSA was overturned in May of 2018. This has allowed for states to pass their own laws for betting legally in their respective states. There are only nine states that have yet to announce plans for legal betting legislation. But states such as Pennsylvania, Delaware, and in particular New Jersey have jumped headfirst into expanding a legal betting industry in their states.

So, it has been established that you are able to go to a casino or some other type of bookmaker to put a wager down legally in Nevada. However, that completely leaves out the online wagering industry. Is betting on horse racing in Nevada a possibility online?

2013 marked the year when Nevada enacted a law to allow legal online poker websites to operate in the state, making it the only as well as the first state to do so. It remained the sole state to allow websites running legal poker online up to last year, 2018. Additionally, Nevada’s online casinos are also plentiful and playable.

Nevada has passed a legislature that gives it the ability to create legal online sports betting parlors. In a weird way, it is funny that Nevada now needs to compete with the betting industry in other states. This is because many other states have been faster in enacting legislation for their betting industries to be legal and online.

While Nevada is still a tourist draw for legal betting, they have fallen behind the times on legal online betting.

Online Poker

Legal online poker has been available throughout Nevada from 2013 on, as I stated previously. Already well known and operational casinos such as Caesars have launched some poker websites that are running legal online poker already in the state of Nevada. Nevada’s players get pooled with that of Delaware. But, players from New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware can play against one and other in poker tournaments held online.

Sports Betting Online

It is funny to think that Nevada residents are unable as of right now to wager money on sportsbooks that operate online. Currently, no sportsbook online is authorized to operate in the state.

One hundred and thirty-seven sportsbooks are already operational in Nevada and they have expressed resistance to the idea of any online third party websites/operators coming into the state with the ability to take a chunk out of their profits. The regulation and legalization of betting on sports online is as of right now a priority for the Gaming Control Board of Nevada. However, as of right now, you would still have to go to a physical location with a sportsbook to do your sports betting.

Betting on Fantasy Sports

The Attorney General of Nevada in 2015 made a declaration that the operators of fantasy sports needed an operating license. As a result, a large amount of fantasy sports operators left the state in a hurry. So basically, it is still legal for operators of fantasy sports to exist in the state, however, the new rules about licensing have caused many operators to think twice about operating in Nevada.

Casino Websites

As of this time, online casinos are not legal in Nevada, with the exception of poker available online. But, Nevada does allow legal online games of skill. As an example, games with puzzles that are interactive that allow actual money bets are allowed in the state. But, these types of websites need to have the required licenses that are given by the Gaming Control Board in the state. It has been predicted, however, that Nevada will be looking into allowing online casinos in order to compete with the states that already have.

A Conclusion, Horse Racing in Nevada

Hopefully, you’re now ready to tackle Nevada horse racing betting. Keep in mind, some bets are only legal if you go to an actual sportsbook or casino.

Nevada is still quite competitive in the world of legal wagering. But, it may not stay that way if it does not update its legislation to allow for its expansion into the online betting world. The state of New Jersey is quickly offering some stiff competition because of its own online betting legislation.

However, horse racing in Nevada is definitely up to date when it comes to the online industry. Because you can place bets at physical locations as well as online, the horse racing in Nevada industry seems poised to capitalize on the increased online betting interest. So go forth and place your bets!

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