Mississippi Horse Betting 2024

If you’re looking for Mississippi horse racing whether in-person or online, you’re going to want to get caught up! We have all the information you need right here to learn when and how you can bet on horse racing in MS. Spoiler alert! There’s not much going on, so check out MS casinos or Mississippi sports betting in the meantime. Likewise, head north and check out Tennessee horse racing, or TN sports betting, which is now legal!

Mississippi Horse Racing

At the moment, horse racing isn’t legal in Mississippi. However, we’re likely to see that change, as neighbors Arkansas and Louisiana both offer fully-fledged horse racing. Plus, Arkansas offers online horse racing bets through Oaklawn Anywhere. When (and if) horse racing does attain legal status, they’ll be looking to Arkansas for guidance.

Oaklawn Anywhere

Oaklawn Anywhere offers a competitive selection of bonuses and promotions, including a rewards program and a great $150 deposit bonus! We’re hoping that MS horse racing, whether online or in-person, takes cues from Oaklawn.

Again, horse racing hasn’t been legal in Mississippi for a long time, through parimutuel bets are offered by some casinos. Below, we briefly break down the recent history of MS sports betting and horse racing.

Sports Betting in Mississippi

When sports betting again became federally legal in 2018, Mississippi casinos jumped on the chance to offer online sports wagering. Very soon after the PASPA repeal, Mississippi casinos implemented sports wagering at their physical locations throughout the state.

Unfortunately, there is already talk of again making Mississippi sports betting illegal under a proposed bill, H 1113. Likewise, another bill is on the Mississippi Senate floor with H 1154. This bill seeks to only tax Mississippi sports betting, not eliminate it.

And, to make matters even more complicated there is Christie v. NCAA, a New Jersey lawsuit currently headed to the Supreme Court.

It’s an exciting and confusing time for folks looking to bet legally. Unfortunately, at the moment the answer is no – horse racing is not currently legal in MS. Hopefully, these facts will soon change.

The Future of Mississippi Horse Racing

Christie v. NCAA might up-end all of this bureaucratic back-and-forth. This is because the Supreme Court may decide to make all sports-betting explicitly legal through the results of this landmark case. At any rate, if that passes and more states start to implement real-money versions of their online casinos, not legalizing horse racing would be like leaving money on the table.

Check back with us for more up-to-date information regarding Mississippi horse racing! It can be a complicated world of legal jargon and contradictory legislative bills, but we’ll do the heavy lifting and filter out only what you need to know to get online and betting ASAP! In the meantime, read about the launch of Mississippi online casinos!

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