3 Poker Players Who Went Broke

The neverending need and desire to push the limits is a recurring theme with online poker and poker players. Some of the most talented players have declared bankruptcy during their time at the top.

Below are five poker legends that won and then lost it all! Learn from the mistakes of poker players who went broke when trying online poker strategies. And make sure to avoid these 5 rookie mistakes.

#3 Brad Booth

Total losses: estimated $5 million


The Canadian poker player was one of the most successful cash game players in recent times. However, during the Ultimate Bet Cheating Scandal of 2007, Booth’s fortune took a nasty cut after spending so much time using the online poker room.

It is thought that Booth lost upward of $2 million due to the cheating scandal and another $3 million or more playing poker-for-cash from 2008 until today.

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#2 Gavin Griffin

Total losses: estimated $6 million


Griffin holds the record as the youngest person ever to win a World Series of Poker title after winning the Pot Limit Texas hold’em event in 2004. Griffin is most known for his incredible run during 2010/11 which saw him become the first player to win poker’s holy grail, the Triple Crown.

However, not everything has been smooth sailing for the youngster due to his battle with a gambling addiction, which he talks about openly. After losing a great deal of money in 2011 Griffin has drooped down in limits “to fix his game and rebuild”.

#1 Stu Ungar

Total losses: estimated 30 million


Stu Ungar is often regarded as the player who had so much potential. Unfortunately, he’s also considered to have not lived up to it. With a genius IQ and a photographic memory,  he should have made it big.

However, his competitive and thrill-seeking nature always pushed his life to the brink. It was what made him unstoppable at the poker tables, but it was also his downfall away from the game.

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