Texas Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the most popular activities of sports fans in the United States. Each state has the ability to legalize and regulate sports betting. Unfortunately, Texas is one state that has not passed any laws that allow for sportsbooks to operate within the borders of the state and there are no Texas sports betting apps.


There is a bill that has been proposed and if this is passed, Texas sports betting online and sports betting apps would become legal. However, seeing as casino and fantasy sports bills waited a long time before they were shot down, residents are not too hopeful that Texas will allow legalized or organized sports betting.

TX Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting is not yet legal in the Lone Star state. If you are a resident of Texas and are looking to place wagers online, you will not find any operating sportsbooks or sports betting apps within the borders of the state. However, there are offshore sites that will accept bettors from this location. With these, you can engage in a safe and secure betting experience and have the chance to generate payouts legally.

The state has attempted to legalize online fantasy sports betting in the past, but these have also failed. Earlier in 2019, another fantasy sports betting bill was introduced, classifying fantasy sports as contests of skill. The bill successfully made it through the House but awaits a Senate vote. If passed, online fantasy sports betting would be allowed.

Unfortunately, you will be waiting for laws to change regarding traditional Texas sports betting.

TX Sports Betting Rules

If this state does legalize sports betting, it would be the second-largest betting market in the country. There would be strict rules in place that would require bettors to be over the legal gambling age and to physically be present in the state of Texas.

If the currently proposed bill is passed, it would allow for five permits, each having two skins. There would also be the allowance of online and mobile wagering. Any Texas sports betting operator would be required to collect a tax at a rate of 6.25% on the total amount wagered. This high tax rate would make it very difficult for operators to earn any revenue.

Many Texans are looking forward to online sports betting and sports betting apps becoming a possibility but based on the past and how the state views gambling, Texas is not high on the list of the next state to pass any sports betting laws.

TX Sportsbook Apps

Due to the current laws, you will not find any operating sportsbooks apps in the state of Texas. New Mexico is the only neighboring state that has legal sports betting, so residents close to the border can pay a visit to this state and engage in mobile wagering using provided sportsbook apps.

It is doubtful that the current laws will change soon, but some believe that online sites and Texas sports betting apps may be legalized in 2020 or the next year. As for now, those that wish to place wagers on sports and events will have to make use of licensed offshore betting sites to meet their needs.

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