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TVG App 2024 Review

TVG is a top choice for betting on horse races in the USA. The operators bring betting on horse races, domestically and internationally, to your fingertips.

Read our TVG app review below for all you need to know.

Why get the TVG app?

Downloading the TVG App – 4/5

Step by Step

  1. Download via the Apple App Store, Android users open the mobile browser.
  2. Register with TVG.
  3. Place your bets and watch the horse racing track feeds.

System Requirements/Compatibility

To download the app you need an Apple device. The app is compatible with an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and it’s great for all your horse betting needs. It requires an iOS 10.0 or later, which most devices can update to.

Unfortunately, there is no mobile app available on the Google Play store. There is however a mobile-friendly site, which is straight forward and easy to use but is nothing compared to the Apple app.

Bonus and Promotions – 3/5

New customers to TVG are in for a treat: place your first bet without any risk and get up to $200 if your bet loses.

TVG on iTunes Store

TVG App Features – 4/5

The TVG app lets you safely and securely bet on horse racing events. You get the track odds that you would do if you bet in person, as your wagers are combined with the bets placed by everyone at the track.

The app features a full list of the races and horses, which you can easily sort by Time, Track, Featured, and Favorites. The app gives you the ability to set alerts so you never miss a race, and select your favorites. You can easily see which of your placed bets are yet to come in through My Bets, and those that have in the Results section – seeing how much you’ve won.

Live Video is the greatest feature and compliment of the app. It allows you to watch over 120 track feeds, whilst simultaneously placing a bet, or checking through the horses and statuses. You can see what horses you’ve bet on without having to keep flicking from My Bets.

Then, once you’ve done selecting and betting, just flick the screen horizontally so the small stream becomes full screen. This really brings betting to life, and you can’t miss a thing from actually attending the races.

You can’t view Past Performances (PPs) in the TVG app, which is a shame. PP is a tool offered on the TVG website to help you bet smarter, giving you information about the races so that you can research your horse before you bet. Hopefully, they’ll add this feature to the app soon. Although they do give some information, it is not as in-depth for the dedicated researchers out there.

Mobile Browser

The mobile-friendly site for Android users is nowhere near as great as the mobile app. But then, at least it is something and shows a closer step towards an app being developed in the future.

Whilst the mobile site isn’t as smooth as the app, it is still easy to use and designed to make betting on the go that much easier through Android devices – or Apple devices if you don’t have the app.

TVG App FAQ – 4/5


How to place a bet on the TVG App

Placing a bet with TVG using the TVG app is easy. All you have to do is find your race – whether it is by time, the track featured or favorites. Then work out which horse you want, depending on the bet you wish to put on. Click on the odds to the right of the horse, enter your stake and bet type, and confirm. It is that simple.

Then, venture into the Live Video section of the app to see a summary of your bets on the race, and wait for it to begin. You can view what position the horses are in, and scream to your heart’s content as you watch the races happen. You can then go onto the Results section to confirm whether or not you have won.

How to make a deposit

In the top right corner of the mobile app, you will see your balance – with a little outline of a person beside it. Click on that section to bring up your Account.

You can deposit funds on the app just as you would on the website. The methods available are credit/debit cards (Visa or MasterCard), TVG Prepaid card, PayNearMe, BetCash, or PayPal. Although PayPal is fast, they have a $5 deposit fee.

The lesser-known forms of the Prepaid card and BetCash are probably the best, and you can rest assured that TVG is held in high regard when it comes to safety and security. The Prepaid card allows you to use the funds deposited on there in any place that Discovery is accepted. There is a minimum deposit of $10.

How to make a withdrawal

To make a withdrawal on the TVG app, go to your Account as described above, and select Withdraw. From there, all you have to do is enter the amount you wish to withdraw, which bank you wish to withdraw to, and confirm.

You can’t withdraw to PayPal at the moment, but they are working on that. You can withdraw to your bank account that is synced with your TVG account, however, and BetCash. Withdrawals are processed within five business days.

How to contact the customer service

The TVG app makes contacting customer service easy. Rather than having to search for a number or email, and then copy that to the relevant mode. All you have to do now is click a button. Simple, easy, fast. Find Contact Us in the More section of your Accounts.

Then you get the choice of four symbols – a phone, a letter (email), the Facebook ‘f’, and the Twitter bird. Click on the one you desire, which will redirect you to the relevant screen – your mobile dial pad, linked email account, TVG’s Facebook page, or their Twitter page.

Calling them is probably the best if you like to keep it personal, as you can explain yourself better and they can see your account. Same with email, although it will be slower, you can jam all the details into the text.

Facebook and Twitter are great and fast, but not if you have a complicated query that is specific to your account – as you do not want to be sending personal details over these modes!

Overall TVG App Review – 4/5

TVG App Review Rating
Downloading/System Requirements 4/5
Bonuses and Promotions 3/5
Features 4/5
FAQ 4/5

As a whole, the TVG app is great for Apple users. It complements TVG very well, with great use of Live results. It is unfortunate that there isn’t an app for Android, however, the mobile-friendly website is a great addition.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
thumbs-up Watch over 120+ Live tracks thumbs-down No Android app
thumbs-up Filter your favorites thumbs-down No Previous Performance data
thumbs-up Same odds as if you were at the track thumbs-down No PayPal withdrawals
thumbs-up Bet whilst watching live video  

The Live section of the mobile app is by far the best bit – letting you be completely flexible with watching the race, putting on bets, and checking out horse statistics. Then, when you are ready, rotate the screen to watch the race in full screen.

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