Washington Sports Betting

Sports betting in Washington state became legal in March 2020 when Governor Jay Inslee signed the sports betting bill into law. This step was to permit Native American operators to launch retail sportsbooks.

Under the new law, sports betting in Washington is now legal. The first accord with the Tulalip tribe helped eight other tribes to reach agreements with the state in June 2021. Also, fifteen other tribes arranged sportsbook licenses.

These tribes got approval in September 2021. The final approval marks a significant step in the regulation process.

As stated in the Gambling Commission of Washington, there are 29 active tribal casinos in the state. Furthermore, Washington sports betting would allow wagering on college sports, the Olympic Games, and major league sports.

Deciding the start date for WA sports betting was quite tricky during 2020. However, the tribal gaming operators forged ahead to get the first sports betting in Washington state active for the 2020-2021 NFL season.

Washington Sportsbooks

Several sportsbook operators plan to release promotional offers as sports betting Washington state has now become legal. This is fantastic news as bettors are constantly keen on knowing what these operators have in store for them.

Here is what you can expect to find in the future.


One of the top operators in the US – BetMGM – is taking its first appearance in Washington state. This brand launched after a notable partnership with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians. Bettors must not miss BetMGM and their online sports betting Washington offers.

With bettors’ needs in mind, it is no surprise that this brand will offer exciting sign-up bonuses. Moreover, after successfully entering the WA sports betting landscape, the BetMGM sportsbook Washington will release its app soon. Ongoing promotions and a great selection of sports markets are other things that the platform is working on.

Most importantly, bettors can soon create their accounts at BetMGM sportsbook Washington and be up-to-date with updated odds. Plus, they will be able to make their deposits and withdrawals anywhere in Washington state.

As the law states, there will be no legal Washington online gambling in the state, at least not now.

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Washington was the first state to legalize online sports betting in 2020. With 29 live casinos currently existing in the state, various operators agreed to sports betting compacts.

Furthermore, Washington sports betting at the tribal casinos can go live when the law approves the qualified contracts. If they get the approval, they will need to have licenses from the Tribal Gaming Agencies. Therefore, they can begin contributing services to tribal sportsbooks.

Washington Sports Betting

Football is the most popular sport among US bettors, which is why interested tribes made a solid push to get the Tribal Gaming agreements for the 2021 NFL season. Moreover, Washington sports betting at the tribal casinos limits sports betting to professional sports or athletic events. Washington state sports gambling can include Olympic Games, international events, and college sports.

Online sports betting Washington state isn’t available at the moment, and there will be no sports betting in Washington state outside the tribal casinos. Most importantly, future sports betting Washington should happen on the land of tribal casinos only.

Again, various active tribal casinos have signed deals that allowed them to open sportsbooks. We can expect more to do so in the coming months or subsequent years.

Washington Sports Betting Bill – Timeline (2023 Update)

This year was a remarkable one for launching Washington sports betting operators. There are 29 active ones at the moment and others planning to go live in the future. Some of them got approval and started providing services to tribal sportsbooks. So, let’s give you the Washington state sports betting update.

2023 – 2020 was a remarkable year for Washington sports betting. We can expect that Native American tribes can continue getting signatures in the coming months. The state has had remarkable growth and has the potential to become a significant US betting market.

September 2021 – Washington sports betting is available at nine tribal casinos after getting approval in September 2021. They announced reaching an agreement for sports betting contracts. The tribal gaming operators moved ahead to get the first sports betting in Washington state active for the 2020-2021 NFL season.

2020 – Washington sports betting became legal on 25 March 2020, after Governor Jay Inslee signed the sports betting bill into law. This was the start date for sports online betting in Washington state. After that, they created a pre-licensing policy language, meaning they made the suggested pre-licensing rules to authorize the investigation procedure for future sports betting licenses.

One sports betting Washington state rule is that sports betting should happen on the Tribal casinos’ land only.

Washington Sports Betting FAQ

Here, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about WA sports betting.

Is Sports Betting Legal in WA?

Washington sports betting had become legal in 2020. Now the state has nine active tribes that offer sports betting markets. Several tribes are waiting for Washington sports betting approval.

What Kind of Online Gambling Is Legal in WA?

Washington sports betting laws only permit betting placed on the Tribal casino’s land. Also, WA bettors can enjoy betting on college sports, Olympic Games, and international events.

Will Sports Betting Be Legal in WA?

It is already legal. This September, the tribal gaming operators moved ahead and got the first sports betting in Washington state active for the 2020-2021 NFL season.

Can You Bet on Sports in WA?

Yes, Washington state has opened its doors to sports betting. The state became the 21st state to legalize betting on sports events.

What Is the Minimum Age to Bet?

The legal gambling age is 21.

Will Mobile Betting Be Allowed?

For now, sports betting in Washington state is allowed on the tribal casino’s land only. There will be no legal Washington online sports betting in the state, at least not now. But, we hope it will become legal soon.

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