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Double your deposit up to $100

New users only, 18/19/21+. Available in all 50 states. Full T&C apply.

WinView Games Review 2024

WinView Games is a unique type of online offering, bringing a breath of fresh air to betting. It is a free-to-play app that allows you to pay to enter contests where you compete against other players as part of a prize pool. You can also take part in free contests. Read more about WinView Games Review and the welcome bonus below!

The idea is that you predict the events during a game with a simple yes/no answer. You will then be ranked on a leaderboard with the other people in the competition based on the number of points that a person has accumulated.

WinView Bonus

You can easily play against your friends and family, as well as make predictions both pre-game and in-game. A wide range of sporting events will usually be covered, such as NBA, NCAA basketball, and NFL games. This WinView Games review will highlight each of the most important aspects of this offering.

WinView Promo Code

Most types of gambling-related offerings will have some type of welcome offer available to people who are creating an account for the first time. This acts as a good incentive for people to get started. At WinView, the signup offer sees you being able to 2x your first deposit up to $100.

WinView Games Bonus
Welcome Offer Double your deposit up to $200
WinView Games Promo Code Get Bonus
Requirements New users only, 18/19/21+. Available in all 50 states.
Last Verified 2023

You need to deposit at least $10 and spend your first-time deposit on a contest to get this bonus. This deposit needs to be made within two weeks of creating your account and you need to spend the deposit amount within 30 days.

WinView Registration

It only takes a matter of seconds to register a new WinView account. You can do so either through the WinView website or by downloading the app on your mobile device. There is the option to play as a guest or to create an account using your Facebook or email address.

To create an account, you will need to choose a player name, enter your email address, set a password, and confirm that you are at least 18 years old. You are then good to go to make your first deposit and to get started getting involved with the available contests.

Where can you play WinView?

There are both free contests and paid contests on offer through WinView. If you are looking to take part in one of the free contests, they are available to people in all 50 states.

However, there is currently a list of 39 states for which you are able to take part in paid contests. This is because certain states do not currently allow this type of paid offering. Here is a look at the states in which you are not able to take part in paid contests through WinView:

No Paid Contests
New Jersey
South Carolina

WinView Contest Types

There are two main types of contests that you can take part in when it comes to the WinView Games offering. You have the contests in which you predict the results before the game begins and the contests whereby you can make predictions after they have begun.

Pre-Game Predict

This type of contest sees you making your picks for specific prop-based questions in advance of the sporting event starting. These will relate to the specific sport. For example, if you are taking part in a pre-game contest for an MLB game, the questions might relate to home runs and strikeouts.

Watch and Predict

This type of contest sees you making your picks during the course of a live contest. There will be game props presented to players that they will answer. Naturally, the person who has the most correct answers will be the winner. For the likes of an NFL game, a watch and predict contest will usually take place for each quarter.

WinView Contest Types

How to Play at WinView

As you know, there are two main categories of contests available on WinView. Both of these categories are broken down further into different experience levels. You have free, beginner, classic, H2H (head to head), and tournament options. Each of these options will have its own characteristics.


These are the contests that are available for you to enter for free. Therefore, you will not have to put any real money on the line. There will usually be some cash prizes provided by WinView for these types of games.


The beginner games are an ideal way for new players to learn the ropes with people who are also relatively new to WinView. In order to be able to take part in these types of contests, you need to be a novice player and have taken part in no more than 20 paid contests during the lifetime of your account.


This is a multiplayer type of contest that is the standard fare at WinView. You will be playing against your peers in an effort to try to finish as high up on the leaderboard as you possibly can.


The H2H type of contest at WinView allows you to match up against just one other person when it comes to your predictions. Therefore, you will not face many different people in a contest.


Tournaments are available on WinView and they will usually take place over a week-long period. If you enter a weekly NFL tournament, your predictions from all of the games that week will contribute to your standings. Therefore, there is a wider focus rather than the contest relating to just one individual game.

Make WinView Leagues

One of the most enjoyable elements of the WinView offering is the social aspect. You are able to set up your own leagues containing friends and family, fighting it out to see who ultimately gets the bragging rights.

You are able to have a league containing as many as 20 players. Each person is able to be a part of as many as four leagues at any one time. As part of each league, there will be a chat section that allows you to talk about the ongoing results and to needle your opponents.

WinView Refer-a-Friend

There is a refer-a-friend program on offer at WinView. This sees you sending a referral link to your friends with the goal of having them sign up for an account. If your friend downloads the WinView app through your referral link and spends $20 on contests, both you and your friend will then get an extra $20 from WinView.

WinView Cashing Out

It is always a nice feeling to win a prize in any type of contest. If you happen to win big through a WinView contest, you may want to cash out some or all of your winnings. Currently, the only way in which you can withdraw funds from WinView is through PayPal or by getting a check mailed to you. For PayPal withdrawals, they will usually process within 24 hours.

WinView Support

If you ever need to get in touch with the WinView customer support team, there are a few different ways that you can do so. There is a mailing address that you can use to send correspondence. There is also a phone number that you can ring and speak with a person or you can send the team an email.

WinView Games Review FAQs

Is WinView like fantasy sports?

There are a few main differences between what WinView offers and fantasy sports. One of the differences is that WinView contests take place during small segments of a game, such as one quarter.
You also will not be picking players with WinView. Instead, you will try to predict what happens during the course of the game. Therefore, an injury to one player is not going to ruin your WinView experience like it would if you had selected this player for a fantasy sports team.

Is WinView sports betting?

WinView is not sports betting as you are not betting against the house. Instead, you are betting against other users. You also only need to be 18 years old in most states in order to play at WinView. Most states that offer legal sports betting require people to be at least 21 years old in order to take part.

Is WinView Games Legit?

WinView is a legit and safe offering that is trusted by a huge user base. It differs in a lot of ways from daily fantasy sports and sports betting, having its own nuances and aspects to consider.

Where is WinView available?

If you are looking to take part in free-to-play contests with WinView, then this will be achievable in all 50 states. However, you can only take part in paid contests from 39 states. This list of excluded states is likely to decrease over time as more states embrace this type of offering.

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