World Series Betting 2024

If you want to bet on baseball then you should find out all you can about the MLB World Series 2023. The pinnacle of the sport, the championship games decide the very best teams in baseball.

Read on to find out all you need to know about World Series 2023 betting and top picks.

  • World Series wagering is similar in a lot of ways to betting on the Super Bowl or the World Cup. There are different statistics of course, but they’re both head-to-head matchups with plenty of prop bets.

Best World Series Picks

If you want to be successful with your World Series betting then you need to know who the best teams are.

We may have a long way to go in the regular season but there are already a few teams that look to be standing out from the pack.

There is no guarantee that any of the following three teams will win the World Series 2023 – but they will probably get close!

  • Dodgers
  • Astros
  • Yankees
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Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers lead the National League West once again – and will be hoping to go one better than last year when they lost the World Series 4-1 to Boston. One of the favorite picks with baseball fans, the Dodgers is just about the best team in MLB right now.

The Dodgers boast the best record at home and already seem like they will win their seventh divisional title in a row.

Houston Astros

The Astros 103-59 record in 2018 was the best in franchise history – but it was still beaten 4-1 by the Red Sox in the AL Championship Series.

When it comes to World Series betting the Astros are attracting some attention thanks to their second baseman Jose Altuve. He is one of the best hitters and base stealers in the game and could lead his team to the World Series 2019.

New York Yankees

The grand old team of MLB, the Yankees already look to be enjoying a great season.

The Bronx Bombers will always be high on the list of picks thanks to their global fan base – but they are already at the top of the American League East and look good to be the number one team going into the postseason. If you want to bet on the World Series, the Yankees have to be considered.

How to Bet on Baseball

Unlike the majority of sports, the big bet in baseball is the moneyline wager. That means predicting who will win the game.

Betting on the points spread is not as big as in football and basketball. But if you want to even up the chances for the two teams you can go for the runline – here the teams are given a handicap.

Outright betting markets are big in baseball too – and that is where World Series betting comes into play. Picking the best team in MLB is very attractive with such a large field of entrants – and such a long season.

Make sure that you do your research into the form teams and keep up with all the results. This will help you with another popular baseball wager – totals. This is where you place a bet on over or under a given total runs in a game.

Take into consideration the pressure of the game with World Series betting though!

There are plenty of other factors that need to be taken into consideration when you bet on baseball – from the starting pitchers, to the umpires, to the weather on the day.

Do your research and you will stand a much better chance of winning.

Betting on the World Series in baseball
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History of Betting on the World Series

Of course, sometimes you just cannot legislate for a complete upset when it comes to World Series betting. It doesn’t matter how big of an underdog the team is – they can sometimes win the big one.

There have been a number of World Series upsets over the years where the odds on favorites have been beaten by the underdogs – and it means that you can never be too sure with your baseball betting. Always keep an open mind!

In 1988 The LA Dodgers overcame the Oakland Athletics 4-1. The Dodgers were not expected to beat the Mets in the National League Championship Series but beat the New York team 4-3 to set up a championship series with the A’s.

The 1988 World Series is best remembered for Kirk Gibson hitting a home run in the first game. Trailing 4-3 in the ninth inning, the injured Gibson limped up to bat before hitting the homer into the right field stands.

It was his only at-bat of the entire series – but it set the tone for the rest of the games. The A’s – who were the top picks for the title – never looked like beating the Dodgers and Los Angeles won the battle of California and the baseball world. Before placing your bets, read about the latest sportsbooks bonuses.

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