ESPN Plus Subscription Review 2024

For a low monthly fee of just $4.99 per month, you can have access to hundreds of live games and on-demand videos. You can even stream on up to 5 devices at one time.

Purchase an annual subscription and pay just $49.99 for the year, giving you two free months! Read on to learn more about what you can enjoy with this great streaming subscription.

Want to get more from your ESPN experience and enjoy streaming live sports? This is one of the newer streaming subscription services that have been designed to complement already existing ESPN content. It is not really a separate platform, bit more of an add-on to a standard ESPN app. Featuring live games, on-demand video, Originals, and more, an ESPN+ subscription is perfect for any sports fan.

ESPN+ Description

While you may think that ESPN+ is just another service that takes your money, you actually get quite a bit of value when you subscribe. Since ESPN+ has recently signed a deal with the UFC, you are able to watch live fights and enjoy prelim and main events! You also have the option to enjoy pay-per-view fights and you will get an in-depth analysis of all events.

ESPN Plus Subscription

If you are looking to enjoy live games, this is the streaming service for you. You will never miss out on any of your favorite sports or events. The service covers games from the MLB, NHL, MLS, PGA, college games and events, MMA, UFC, and so much more.

The great benefit is that you can access the content at any time, from anywhere. Just use the app to enjoy streaming on a variety of devices at home and on the go. The overall value of ESPN+ is quite impressive and for just a small payment of $5 per month or $50 per year, you get access to all of the amazing features we will discuss below with this complete ESPN+ review.

What do you get on ESPN+?

For just $5 per month, you will be able to enjoy many great features with ESPN+. This is a perfect subscription for sports fans around the country and you will have access to the hottest games, latest information, and even tips for fantasy sports. This streaming service is an amazing boost to your standard sports programming.

When you sign up, you will be able to take advantage of many services and special features. These include:

  •         ESPN+ Original Shows
  •         30 For 30
  •         Exclusive Content for UFC
  •         Exclusive Content for Fantasy Sports
  •         Premium Sports Articles

ESPN+ Originals

When you sign up for a subscription with ESPN+, you will get tons of original content. The service offers exciting original shows that can be streamed on a variety of devices. One of the top shows we found during our ESPN+ review is NBA Rooks. This follows many of the hot first-year players as they play through the season and battle to get to the next level.

You will find original shows for every professional sports league. Here, you can enjoy watching NFL Primetime, Detail, In the Crease, The Boardroom, The Equalizer, and many more. New originals are added regularly, so you will always have the latest stories and exciting shows to watch based on your preferred sports.

ESPN 30 For 30

As an award-winning documentary series that has been produced by ESPN, you can enjoy 30 for 30 with your ESPN+ subscription. Within the series, you will find more than 100 films that can be streamed and these will cover many of the most amazing moments in sports from the past 40+ years.

The documentary series started in 2009 and was designed to help ESPN celebrate its 30th year. Many of the documentaries initially released won awards from the film and sports worlds. Since filmmakers had few restrictions, they were able to dive right into the stories of sports, giving you documentaries of stores that have never been told.

Some of the best films that you can enjoy with your ESPN+ subscription include Kings Ransom, The U, Winning Time, June 17th, 1994, The Fab Five, and Catching Hell.

UFC Exclusive Content

Your subscription will also provide you with access to amazing UFC Fight Nights that are exclusive to the service. You will get 20 Fight Nights included with the standard subscription as well as 100+ UFC fights. These include prelims and main-card events. In addition, you will get Season 2 of the Contender Series, Classic Fights and replays, and more.

If you are a UFC fan, there is no question as to the value of your ESPN+ subscription. While you will not get free pay-per-view fights, these are offered at a lower rate with your subscription, so you never have to miss out on any of the great fights that are scheduled.

Fantasy Sports Exclusive Content

Fantasy sports leagues have become a leading alternative to traditional sports betting and if you are a fan of fantasy sports, you will find exclusive content being offered with your ESPM+ subscription. Here, you will find amazing tools that can only be found on ESPN+.

You will enjoy instant access to The Fantasy Show, where Matthew Berry will be providing you with expert analysis of teams and individual players. This one tool alone can greatly enhance your fantasy sports experience and can provide you with useful tips when creating rosters and managing teams.

In addition to this podcast, you will also get a Lineup Organizer, Auction Value Generator, and Free Agent Recommendations. All is included with the basic cost of the subscription, so there is some incredible value here if you are a fan of fantasy sports.

Premium Articles

Want to stay up to date on your favorite sports, teams, and players? Check out the premium articles that are offered with an ESPN+ subscription. With these, you will get an in-depth analysis of leagues and games that is only found here on ESPN+. Articles are from some of the best sportswriters in the industry, including Buster Olney, Mel Kiper Jr., and Eric Karabell.

These premium articles will provide you with information you will not find anywhere else, so they can be quite useful for those engaging in fantasy sports betting or even traditional sports wagering. You can pick up inside tips and advice and will always have access to the latest stats and player information.

Streaming Breakdown

With your ESPN+ account, you are able to stream on up to five devices at a single time. That’s more than any other streaming service, which is perfect if you have a home full of sports enthusiasts. It’s best to have high-speed internet (at least 25Mbps) to ensure you always have a connection if multiple people are streaming on different devices. The amount of buffering you will experience will all depend on your internet connection, so a solid and fast connection is key to enjoying the best of ESPN+.

Right now, there is no dedicated app for streaming that we found with our ESPN+ review. You can access the service by looking for the gold E+ tab when you use the standard ESPN app or when you visit You will find that ESPN+ streams in 1080p HD, so the video is just as clear and sharp as what you enjoy with Netflix.

In regards to audio streaming, ESPN+ streams using 2.0 stereo. Unfortunately. Dolby Digital is not yet available, but that may be one improvement that will be made soon.

Now that you know the details. What will be included when you stream? You can enjoy many live sports and originals. With MLB, NHL, MLS, FA Cup, and more being offered, you have endless ways to watch your favorite teams and games. You can also benefit from UFC Fight Nights, Grand Slam Tennis events, and a wide array of college sports.

The downfall is the lack of NFL and NBA games. These are both streamed live with ESPN+ since these leagues have their own separate subscription.

Supported Streaming Devices

To enjoy the sports on ESPN+, you can use many different devices and platforms. This includes:

  •         Android TV
  •         Chromecast
  •         Fire TV Stick
  •         Fire TV Cube
  •         Fir TV Smart TVs
  •         Fire/Kindle Tablets
  •         Apple TV
  •         iPhone/iPad
  •         Roku
  •         Oculus Go
  •         PS4/Xbox One
  •         Samsung Smart TVs

At the time of our ESPN+ review, you will not be able to use platforms like WebOS from LG or SmartCast from Vizio. However, Vizio owners do have the ability to use the built-in Chromecast function on the TV to access ESPN+.

Is ESPN+ Worth It?

If you are wondering if this service is worth your $5 per month, we believe the answer is a positive yes. Since ESPN+ is not actually a streaming version of ESPN, you get additional content to your regular ESPN subscription. This is a huge enhancement for any sports fan, especially UFC fans who often pay high amounts to see fights and watch replays.

If you are a fan that likes to learn the history of leagues and players, the documentaries and originals are of great value. You can binge for days and get information not offered anywhere else. To make your decision easy. You can enjoy a 7-day free trial with this ESPN+ review to see if it offers what you are looking for. This is a win-win situation and we believe you will quickly see the extreme value in this low-cost subscription.

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