IGT PlaySports – Sports Betting Technology

IGT PlaySports – Sports Betting Technology provides businesses with a quick and easy way to start their own sports betting and wagering platforms. This is a B2B technology company that provides all of its users with an easy way to get things started using IGT Software and Hardware.

PlaySports – IGT has already made it big in some parts of the world, Europe predominantly. Now they are getting ready to take over the US, with Ohio and Louisiana being at the forefront of their development.

IGT PlaySports

IGT Sports Betting Technology

IGT PlaySports Betting Technology is available in one of two ways. They are capable of allowing users to choose between their IGT Hardware solutions and a few of their IGT Software options.

PlaySports Bet Kiosk

An IGT PlaySports Kiosk is one of the most popular pieces of technology that they offer. These are their main offers which allow businesses to set these out strategically in places where they would like to open up their business.

They can even be set in various bars or restaurants as well. Players can access a variety of casinos, slots, tables, and many other games using these kiosks with ease. You can already find an IGT PlaySports Kiosk in Ohio while Louisiana is on its way.

PlaySports Pad

An IGT PlaySports Pad is much smaller and adaptable for smaller spaces. One can spread them evenly around a bar, a casino, or any potential business area. Users can enter the IGT PlaySports Pad and place sports wagers or do what they like with only a few simple clicks.

IGT PlaySports CrystalFlex

When it comes to the PlaySports CrystalFlex, companies get versatility and comfort as they can set a few of these babies in various places, covering both sports betting and casino games at the same time.

IGT PeakBarTop

The IGT PeakBar Top is a helpful piece of hardware that allows companies to create gaming options for their clients. It has a stellar design that makes it easy to use and works phenomenally well when set in smaller places, like bars or restaurants, but it can also work for bigger establishments as well.

IGT PlaySports Services

PlaySports – IGT also has a few services to provide to its users. These are types of software that do either overall work or set things up easier for clients.

  • PlaySports Platform – Allows users to create unique sports betting platforms.
  • PlaySports Player Account Management – Provides an intuitive user experience that will attract more players to your site.
  • Trading Advisory Services – Offers expert oddsmaking and around-the-clock support.

IGT PlaySports Partners with UBetOhio

UBetOhio has already become a thing thanks to IGT Solutions. After sports betting became legal just a few years ago, brands have already started to release their offerings to bettors and customers in the Buckeye State.

Their very own IGT Hardware has already become available there, with Kiosks already set in a variety of positions.

IGT PlaySports Louisiana

After UBetOhio, Louisiana is the next state on their radar. Businesses have already started to hamper IGT Solutions and are making plans in terms of creating their very own establishments. Being how easy setting up IGT Slots is, it is only a matter of time before this becomes popular even beyond the Creole State.

IGT Slots

PlaySports QuickBet Kiosk in Ohio

Kiosks were the first pieces of Hardware provided by IGT Solutions to be seen in Ohio. The addition of these platforms has made the transition easy as users are getting acquainted with sports betting. These kiosks only increase the popularity of both sports betting and casino gaming in the state tenfold. More is definitely to come.

IGT Payment Options

IGT Sports Betting is not possible unless you have a funded account to play with. Luckily, all the IGT Slots and platforms that the brand implements also have a variety of payment methods to offer its uses. Here are the main ones.

  • Carded Cashless
  • Cardless Cashless
  • IGTPay

These three methods are more than enough to help every type of user find their way into funding accounts.

Review Conclusion

IGT PlaySports created a very easy-to-use way for businesses to get started. Their software and hardware solutions provide a kickstart with almost nothing to create an establishment or a secure area for players to wager and place sports bets. We predict these spreading all over the US in no time as soon as more states make betting and casinos legal.

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