Novig Sports Betting US Review

A new operator is on the cusp of joining the US wagering scene, which immediately warrants a thorough Novig sports betting US review. As opposed to other platforms, this one is dubbed as the future of sports betting as they are bringing the future now with their innovative peer-to-peer betting model and sports betting exchange.

No hose, no vig, no problem

See the table below for updated details as new information comes in. For more information, keep reading the article.

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Novig US Bonus: Up to $250 in Bonus Funds
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Novig US Bonus Terms and Conditions

When the news broke out, the idea was that No-vig would first be released in Colorado before expanding internationally. Novig Colorado is set to go live soon, while the international release is set for a year’s time from now. While the platform is live, there are still a lot of details that need to be added.

One of them are the welcome offer details. While there is almost nothing to write about in terms of a new player bonus at this moment, it is something that they are going to add fast, probably before the start of the official launch.

What we can assume is that the offer will be available for residents of the Centennial State who are 21 or older.

Novig Sports Betting US Review

Novig Sports Betting Registration

At this time, Novig Colorado only allows preregistration. Those who want to jump on board before the others can do so through the early access feature. To get it, you only need to provide an email address, state your name, and pick the state you are registering from.

Once the site goes live, it will, without a doubt, offer a regular sign-up. We assume something like this.

  1. Open the main page of the Novig US site.
  2. Pick the registration option.
  3. Input all the relevant information in the questionnaire.
  4. Confirm your registration.
Novig Early Access Registration Form

Novig Sports Betting Explained

Novig’s sports betting model is a little bit different compared to other sports wagering platforms. They market themselves as a sports betting exchange rather than a traditional online betting platform. They provide a peer-to-peer betting model where players are able to create their own bets for other users to wager on.

When it comes to traditional betting, the brand is able to control everything. And as things usually go, no matter how good you are, the house always wins. In this case, there is no house. The players are the ones that can set your odds and create bets.

Betting smart is what they propose as they allow playing the market rather than trying to go against the house. Here, there are no fees, no limit, no lockout, and, of course, no house.

📱 Bettor-Centric | Challenge Norms 🏅 Inclusive | Build with Integrity
✅ Transparent | User-Centered 🤝 Fair Play | Oppose Unjust Practices

Novig Betting Exchange Platform

Most people see the peer-to-peer model as the future of sports betting. While the concept isn’t new, it is something that you don’t get to see that often. To put it in plain words, users of the platform are allowed to create their own bets while allowing other users to place wagers on them.

They can set the odds that they want and the conditions surrounding the bet. Other players can decide whether they like the offer or not and decide to place a bet on it.

Novig US NBX Betting Exchange

NBX is a high-frequency, no fees, peer-to-peer betting exchange that allows you to bet against the market or your friends. At this moment, users are able to place bets on the four most popular US sports and leagues – NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. It allows players to place bets such as futures, moneyline, point spread, team totals, etc.

Novig Sports Betting Software

With the platform still being in idle mode, we can definitely confirm that their services are going to be offered on desktop first. When it comes to the Novig app, our best guess is that it will come a little bit later. No news about the operating systems so far, but it is very likely that we are getting both Android and iOS operating systems available.

Novig US Desktop

With the platform currently being in its earliest stage, we can say that it looks pretty decent. There is still a lot that needs to be done, but the advancements that they are going to be adding will allow users to create their own bets and possibly even add in-game bets.

Novig Sports Betting App

While there are no solid pieces of information about the Novig app, we can only assume that it will be created sooner rather than later. US players prefer doing things via mobile, so a Novig app is going to be more than necessary. We expect to see both an iOS and an Android-supported device as soon as the brand launches.

Novig Banking Methods

Without a doubt, the brand will be looking to expand upon its banking options. It will help to bring in new users and will make them happy at the same time. With the launch in Colorado, we are surely going to be getting methods that are much closer to the local users.&

Expect the following:

  • E-wallet
  • Bank transfer
  • Cards

Novig Sports Betting US Review FAQs

Here is a bit more that you might want to know about the brand.

In what ways does Novig stand apart from a conventional sportsbook?

It is not a traditional sportsbook. Instead of offering sports events to bet on, markets, and odds, all of that is left to the users who can create everything and allow other users to place bets on those offers.

How does Novig generate revenue without applying trade fees?

The operator does not charge a fee to its users and instead acquires revenue from institutional trades.

When can one expect Novig’s availability?

We are still waiting for Novig to launch. In the meantime, it is best to sign up on the site for the waitlist and get the info as soon as it is available.

What is NBX and what range of bet options will it offer?

NBX is a commission-free, high-frequency, peer-to-peer sports betting exchange. For now, it will allow users to bet on NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

Review Conclusion

To conclude our Novig sports betting US review, while there is a lot that needs to be uncovered, the idea behind the concept that they are presenting sounds very good. The brand pushes to break the boundaries and norms of traditional sports betting, which will, without a doubt, attract many new users. It will be interesting to see how it fares in Colorado and how it will compare to the international release, which is close as well.

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