Tennessee Online Casinos 2024

While Tennessee online sports betting has become legal, online casinos are a different story. The governor of the Volunteer State, Bill Lee, does not support brick & mortar gambling locations.

Additionally, he does not want online casinos anywhere in Tennessee. This is because he perceives casinos – both online and land-based – as the “most harmful form of gambling”.

Tweet from Governor Bill Lee
The full statement reads: “I am letting House Bill 0001 become law without my signature.
I do not believe the expansion of gambling through online sports betting is in the best interest of our state, but I appreciate the General Assembly’s efforts to remove brick and mortar establishments. This bill ultimately did not pursue casinos, the most harmful form of gambling, which I believe prey on poverty and encourage criminal activity.
Compromise is a central part of governing, but I remain philosophically opposed to gambling and will not be lending my signature to support this cause. We see this issue differently but let me be clear: any future efforts to expand gambling or introduce casinos in Tennessee will assure my veto.”

Online horse racing in TN may turn out to be perceived differently. But for now, you cannot bet on horses online in TN.

The Future of Tennessee Online Casinos

While it’s not ideal to have such strong opposition to online casinos, it’s great that Tennesseeans can soon bet on sports from anywhere in the state.

Plus, it shows that state legislators are taking future technologies into consideration. Unlike some states, such as Nevada, where in-person registration is required to sign up for a mobile platform.

If you’re like us, you think this completely defeats the purpose of mobile betting.

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