SPARKET – The Social Betwork™ Review

Get a better perspective of the operator through a comprehensive SPARKET – The Social Betwork™ review. Wager Wire, known for being a marketplace where users can buy and sell sports bets, has partnered with B2B live event wagering software SPARKETS to form a unique amalgamation never seen before in the industry.

SPARKET Social Betwork™ Review

How SPARKET – The Social Betwork™ Works

The bet SPARKET platform has created a revolutionary software that takes the traditional betting format out of the equation. With their bet-on-anything platform, they are offering near-limitless betting types.

Operators can offer countless free-to-play betting and pay-to-play betting opportunities that can be much more interesting for a wider scope of users.

SPARKET Welcome Offer and Promo Code

Since SPARKET has the makings of a traditional betting platform, one would be excused for immediately expecting a feisty welcome offer. At the moment, there isn’t one available. However, hopes still exist of them adding one in the near future.

If more people are to use the bet SPARKET platform, a way to get them on board needs to be implemented. Their model alone is an interesting one, but at some point, they are going to need to spice things up, and a SPARKET welcome offer just might do the trick.

SPARKET – The Social Betwork™ Features
Self-setting Odds Setting one’s own, dynamic odds
Customized Bets Any amount on any bet
Gamification Free-to-Play and/or Pay-to-Play
Modular Design Compatible with any browser and software

Available Bet Types with SPARKET – The Social Betwork™

When we said that bet SPARKET is a bet-on-anything platform, we truly meant it. It provides users with limitless betting types, which greatly surpass the limits of a traditional betting platform.

When entering a traditional platform, you will essentially see all the bet types listed for you that you can choose. However, the situation here is a lot different as the landscape of customized bets is constantly changing.

The B2B iGaming service works by allowing users to set or create markets allowing for custom bets and dynamic odds. The self-setting odds system applies to other prompts and not just sports betting. So users can use it to bet on the coming Oscars, presidential elections, e-sports tournaments, or anything that they deem fit at the moment.

The betting pools will remain active until the start of the said event, and users are welcome to join them or skip and look for some more interesting ones for them.

SPARKET Betting Opportunities: Free-to-play vs. Pay-to-Play

The concept of customized bets implemented by SPARKET allows users to use one of two offered models, Free-to-Play or Pay-to-Play. The former does not require any investment on your part, but it allows you to create custom bets. The latter model requires you to make a deposit in order to set up a wager.

How to Register with SPARKET

To join bet SPARKET, you simply have to register an account with them, and then you will be allowed to use the B2B iGaming service proposed by the site.

How to Register with SPARKET
  1. Browse for and open the main page of the site.
  2. Click the SIGN UP button found on the main menu.
  3. Use your Google account, Facebook profile, or email to sign up.


Although quite necessary, a SPARKET App in that form does not exist. What they do have is a web-based platform that essentially allows you to use their services remotely. So, a SPARKET App is not really needed as the platform is compatible with browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

If the idea behind this concept becomes even bigger, we might be able to get a SPARKET App really soon, but for now, you can stick to the web-based platform.

Sparket App

SPARKET – The Social Betwork™ FAQ

Learn more about the platform through a few answers to the most commonly asked questions.

How does B2B iGaming work?

B2B iGaming service allows users to create their own prompt bets, which other customers can then place wagers on.

What is “The Social Betwork”?

Social Betwork™ allows for untraditional wagering as users are given the freedom to propose a pari-mutuel betting system, self-setting odds, and customized bets.

Pay-to-play betting vs. free-to-play betting: what are they?

Free-to-play betting means that you can create a bet without having to pay anything, while pay-to-play betting means adding funds to an account in order to place a bet.

How do operators earn commissions?

Operators can earn a commission on every wager they set without any exposure. A percentage will be taken out of the pool and will automatically reflect the odds and the estimated winnings.

What are self-setting odds?

It means that operators that create a prompt bet have the power to set the odds as well.

SPARKET’s Betwork Customer Support

This is where the platform could do with a bit of work. In the Help section, they only offer an email address as means of contact ([email protected]). The rest are some helpful tips and pieces of advice about terminology and page functionality. They should add an active way of reaching out to the customer agents.

SPARKET’s Betwork Review Conclusion

Closing out our SPARKET – The Social Betwork™ review on a very positive note as they have created a unique way to sports and overall wagering. People can often get bored with the traditional model and are going to look for alternatives. The Gamification offer provided on this platform might just be the one they are looking for.

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