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Michigan Lottery Online | 2024 Review

If you have never played the lottery online before, don’t worry, the process is extremely simple. We decided to take our own shot at playing Michigan Online Lottery, so we could show you just how easy it is.

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Michigan Online Lottery

MI Lottery Powerball

MI Lottery Powerball is one of the most famous lotteries in the world, with jackpots reaching almost $1 billion! Now, you can now play this world-famous lottery with Michigan Lottery Powerball online, in the palm of your hands. At the time of writing this article, the jackpot was over half a billion US dollars, so we bought as many tickets as we could and are holding our thumbs that we become millionaires!

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Powerball Winning Table

Powerball winnings are determined by how many numbers you chose that match the balls drawn during the live draw. There are 5 normal numbered balls (white balls) and 1 Powerball. Here are how the winnings are determined:

Numbers matching balls Winnings
5 White Balls + Powerball Jackpot!
5 White Balls $1,000,000
4 White Balls + Powerball $50,000
4 White Balls $100
3 White Balls + Powerball $100
3 White Balls $7
2 White Balls + Powerball $7
1 White Ball + Powerball $4
Powerball $4

How to Play Michigan Lottery Powerball Online

  1. You can use Easy Pick and let a computer pick your numbers for you OR you can choose your own 5 numbers for the white balls (between 1 and 69) and 1 extra lucky number for the Powerball (between 1 and 26).
  2. For a small extra fee ($1), you can add Power Play. Power Play can increase your non-jackpot winnings by 2 times, 3 times, 4 times, 5 times, or even 10 times!
  3. Proceed to the checkout screen and make your payment.
  4. Hold thumbs for the live draw to see if you’ve won!

Michigan Lottery Daily 3&4 

MI Lottery Daily 3 & 4 are quite different from your usual lottery games. There are quite complex betting combinations available. There are 5 ways that you can bet on these Daily Lotteries. These include Straight, Box, Wheel, Two Way, and 1 Off.


The numbers you choose have to be the same numbers as the numbers that are drawn, as well as being in the exact same order.


The numbers drawn will have to match the numbers that you chose, but they can be in any order. A box bet is defined as a 4 way, 6 way, 12 way, or 24-way box bet. This depends on what the number of combinations of the numbers you selected are. The amount you can win depends on the numbers you choose.


To win this bet, you will need your numbers to match the numbers drawn in any order. A $1 bet will be placed on each of the straight bet options available for the four numbers you selected. E.g., a $1 4 way bet will cost $4 and a $1 12 way bet will cost $12. A bet can be considered as a 4 way, 6 way, 12 way, or 24 way, depending on what the amount of potential combinations of the numbers you selected is.

Two Way

To win a Two Way, your numbers can either match the numbers drawn in the exact order (straight) or in any order (box). A $1 bet will be split into two $0.50 bets, one straight and one box. A box bet is considered a 4 way, 6 way, 12 way, or 24 way. This depends on the number of potential combinations available in the numbers that you selected. The amount that you can win depends on the numbers that you choose.

1 Off

To win this bet, your chosen numbers can either match the numbers drawn in the exact order (straight) or one of your numbers needs to be one up or one down from the numbers drawn.

Michigan Lottery Daily 3 

Find below a table of Michigan Lottery Daily 3 winnings based on the different types of bets:

Bet Type $0.50 Wager Prizes $1.00 Wager Prizes
Straight $250 $500
Box – 3 Way $83 $166
Box – 6 Way $41 $83
Wheel – 3 Way $250 $500
Wheel – 6 Way $250 $500
Two Way – 3 Way Straight / $333
Two Way – 3 Way Box / $83
Two Way – 6 Way Straight / $291
Two Way – 6 Way Box / $41
1 Off – Straight $142 $284
1 Off $18 $36

Michigan Lottery Daily 4

Find below a table of Michigan Lottery Daily 4 winnings available based on the different types of bets:

Type Winnings
Straight $5000
Box – 4 Way $1250
Box – 6 Way $833
Box – 12 Way $416
Box – 24 Way $208
Two Way – 4 Way Straight $3200
Two Way – 4 Way Box $600
Two Way – 6 Way Straight $2916
Two Way – 6 Way Box $416
Two Way – 12 Way Straight $2708
Two Way – 12 Way Box $208
Two Way – 24 Way Straight $2604
Two Way – 24 Way Box $104
1 Off – Straight $2800
1 Off $275
Wheel – 4 Way $5000
Wheel – 6 Way $5000
Wheel – 12 Way $5000
Wheel – 24 Way $5000

Michigan Lottery Online Games

Club Keno

The Michigan Lottery Club Keno is a type of Keno where you can win up to $2 million every couple of minutes. These draws are open to players in-store in Michigan, but you can also play it online or in the mobile app. You can bet between $1 and $20 on the Club Keno base game which will allow you to win up to $2 million. You can choose to up your odds and win even more if you choose to add an Extra, Kicker, and/or The Jack, to your bet.

Extra Club Keno Bet

To place an Extra bet will cost you $1 for every $1 that you already bet in the base game. In order to win Extra prizes, your numbers will need to match the Extra winning numbers. You can win up to $10 million in a 10 spot Extra bet.

Kicker Club Keno Bet 

Buying the Kicker option will allow you to multiply your prize winnings by up to 10! In a standard 10 spot bet, with a 10x kicker, you can win $20,000,000!

The Jack Club Keno Bet 

This bet costs only $1 more per draw and can result in big prizes! The Jack is a progressive jackpot. It starts at $10 000 and increases until someone wins it. You qualify for The Jack tier prizes if you match 4 to 7 numbers. To win The Jack jackpot, you simply need to match all 8 Club Keno numbers.

Michigan Lottery Keno 

Michigan Lottery Keno online is a draw-type game similar to Club Keno, however, the top prize is $250,000. You can play this game in-store in Michigan or online. Likewise, you can download the MI Lottery app in the App Store or on the site. An entry ticket costs as little as $1 and the Michigan Lottery Keno draws daily.

Winning Table 

Here is a quick glance at what you can win by playing Michigan Lottery Keno:

Matched Numbers Winnings Available
10 out of 22 numbers $250 000
9 out of 22 numbers $2500
8 out of 22 numbers $250
7 out of 22 numbers $25
6 out of 22 numbers $7
0 out of 22 numbers $1

How to Play Michigan Online Lottery

  1. Sign up using the with Michigan Lottery Welcome Offer.
  2. Fill out the registration with your info
  3. Verify your account via email
  4. Make your first deposit to play some online games OR buy a Michigan Lottery entry.
  5. Enjoy!

It really is that simple. It took us less than 5 minutes to register, sign up, get verified, and begin playing. If you do win, make sure you know your MI Lottery payout options.

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